COVID-19 Response

Millions of refugees and forcibly displaced people who are trapped by poverty and violence, and who lack access to medical care, now face the additional threat of COVID-19. As countries close their borders or dramatically limit travel, refugees — whose travel should be considered essential because they are fleeing for their lives — are finding themselves in impossible circumstances.

Refugee Action Fund is supporting organizations to provide the following types of emergency assistance for refugees during the global pandemic:

Basic goods and services including cash assistance, food, face masks and medication

Pro bono legal representation to get asylum seekers out of detention where they are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, and to prevent deportations to life-threatening circumstances

Virtual case management to help vulnerable refugees access mental health support, medical care and safety planning for survivors of domestic violence

Distribution of critical information about the virus, safety measures and access to medical care

Advocacy efforts to urge governments to respect the human rights of asylum seekers

Advocacy efforts to ensure that refugees be included in the United States’ COVID-19-related legislative support packages

As of April 15, 2020, we have allocated $160,000 to our COVID-19 response effort. To learn more about how our support is making an impact, read our blog and watch our webinar on Refugees and COVID-19.

What our grantees are saying…

“Support from Refugee Action Fund has been immeasurably helpful during this dark time. We are now able to move more quickly to ensure that child refugees have the legal representation they need to live with dignity and human rights.” - Safe Passage Project

“It’s hard to adequately articulate our gratitude for Refugee Action Fund. Your generosity is enabling us to support refugees in detention who face the dual burden of a humanitarian crisis and a global pandemic. Thank you!” - Immigration Justice Project