Our Mission

The Crisis

Around the globe, almost 80 million people have been forced from their homes as a result of war, persecution, extreme violence and climate change. These millions of people often flee with only the items on their backs.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all refugees––no matter who they are or where they live––have a place to call home. We envision a world in which all forcibly displaced people can live with dignity, free from the social, political and legal barriers that prevent their full participation in society. At Refugee Action Fund, we do our part to make this vision a reality.

Our Approach

The Refugee Action Fund mobilizes philanthropic giving to help refugees and other forcibly displaced people achieve safety, dignity and opportunities to live productive lives. Through strategic grantmaking, we support innovative organizations that help forcibly displaced people meet their immediate needs, access comprehensive legal services, integrate into their new communities, and thrive. We help philanthropists ensure that their dollars make the greatest impact on those who need it most. [Read more about our grantmaking strategy.]

Our History

The Refugee Action Fund, formerly known as the Interfaith Refugee Project, launched in 2016 when a small group of Wall Street professionals came together to create a fundraising vehicle to support refugees. The initial effort raised awareness and provided critical support to organizations that help refugees find safety. In 2018, the Interfaith Refugee Project relaunched as the Refugee Action Fund to build a more robust network of support for forcibly displaced people.